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Good For You. Good For The Planet.
Adding plant-based protein to our diet can have a surprisingly big impact on the environment, the climate and ourselves. We’ve been on this plant-based journey since 1974. At MorningStar Farms® we believe that great tasting, nutritious and environmentally conscious meal choices are a delicious way to take care of our families and the planet. Keep scrolling to learn more about our efforts.


Our independently conducted Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study showed that just swapping out meat for MorningStar Farms® delicious plant-protein will generate significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions, use less water and land. You read that right, going plant-based can result in some big-time resource savings. How much exactly? Well that's the fun part.

Source: Independent Life Cycle Analysis 2022.
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Measure Your Impact

How much can you save?

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MorningStar Farms® proudly invests in renewable electricity.

We source renewable electricity for all our company owned production facilities through a Virtual Purchase Power Agreement (VPPA).

Virtual Purchase Power Agreements are renewable energy contracts between a company and renewable power generators that bring new renewable electricity into the grid. Through a VPPA agreement in North America, Kellanova financially supported the construction of a wind farm in north central Texas by committing to a long term purchase of the renewable electricity generated at the site. The really good news is that this wind-generated electricity adds new renewable energy to the electric grid that contributes to replacing energy generated with fossil fuels. Because VPPAs are only available for wholesale energy markets, the power produced by the wind farm in Texas is sold to the general electricity market and is not physically delivered to our facilities. Kellanova, as a buyer, receives RECs as part of the VPPA agreement.

Furthering the commitment to sustainability in our quest to be 100% recyclable, compostable, or reusable.

  • 2016

    Zipper function added to flex bags to prevent freezer burn and reduce waste

  • 2016

    38% reduction in overall packaging material weight

  • 2019-20

    Reduced material of our shipping cases by 1 Million pounds

  • 2021

    All packaging labeled with disposal or recycling instructions

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Over time MorningStar Farms® has increased the number of items with colors and flavors from natural sources, as well as the number of vegan offerings within the portfolio.

Did you know that soy is the only complete plant-based protein?

Proteins are made up of amino acids. Think of amino acids as building blocks that join together to make all types of protein. Some of these amino acids can't be made by our bodies, so these are known as essential amino acids. It's essential that our diet provides these. A complete protein source, like soy, provides all of the essential amino acids in the recommended amounts.

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