Scrumptious Stuffed Mushrooms

Scrumptious Stuffed Mushrooms

Cream cheese, onion, and sage lend a savory flavor to these vegetarian stuffed mushrooms. Perfect for your next party!

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1. Rinse and drain mushrooms. Remove stems, reserving caps. Finely chop enough stems to make 1 cup.

2. In large nonstick skillet combine chopped mushroom stems, MORNINGSTAR FARMS MEAL STARTERS GRILLERS RECIPE CRUMBLES, onions, water, garlic, sage and pepper. Cook, covered, over medium-high heat for 4 minutes. Stir. Reduce heat to medium. Cook, covered, for 4 minutes more, stirring occasionally. Remove lid. Cook and stir about 1 minute more or until liquid evaporates.

3. Stir cream cheese into crumbles mixture until melted. Remove from heat. Spoon cream cheese mixture into mushroom caps. In 15 x 10 x 1-inch baking pan arrange stuffed mushrooms. Sprinkle with red pepper. Bake, uncovered, in 425°F oven for 9 to 12 minutes or until heated through. Serve warm.

Scrumptious Stuffed Mushrooms